How You Benefit from a Gift to Sierra Club

How You Benefit from a Gift to Sierra Club

With a gift in your will, trust, or by beneficiary designation, you connect your life story to the legacy of our founder, John Muir. And there are benefits to you for your generosity:

Let Us Recognize Your Generosity

If you’re like most people, your gift in your will or trust or by beneficiary designation is probably one of the most significant you’ll give. We are honored that you would consider supporting Sierra Club to ensure environmental protection for future generations.

Please contact us if you have left a gift to Sierra Club so we can thank you for your generous commitment to our mission. We also want to welcome you to The Rachel Carson Society, our special group for supporters who have remembered Sierra Club and Sierra Club Foundation in their will or trust.

Of course, if you wish to remain anonymous, we will honor your request. But we would like to thank you privately for your generosity and commitment.